aboutpicRamona is a native of the Deep South and now lives in Texas, where recently she finished her novel told in stories. Her work is influenced by the landscape and themes of family, class, race, and the search for authenticity. She is currently working on a second novel. A more detailed bio is available below.


Ramona attended college in Alabama, Ohio, and New Mexico. She also lived in NYC for a decade where she worked in editorial jobs for the Foundation Center and DNR (a men’s fashion weekly) and production jobs for Food & Wine, Travel & Leisure, and briefly Esquire, until moving into technical documentation roles for clients such as People, the Evansville Courier, the Tucson Citizen, and the Ventura County Star. During her early career in New York, she proofread and wrote product blurbs and covered events, wrote freelance articles for The Crisis and the Staten Island Advance, and published poetry in The Ledge, Manhattan Poetry Review, South Coast Poetry Journal, and others. After relocating to Texas, she worked for the Austin American-Statesman in an IT role for six years before moving to New Mexico to pursue her MFA in fiction. While there, she read submissions for the literary journal Puerto del Sol and taught rhetoric and creative writing. After her MFA, she taught as an adjunct instructor for New Mexico State and Western New Mexico until moving into roles as a technical editor and writer in the government sector. She regularly participates in fiction workshops and attends other local, regional, and national writing conferences. She also serves as a board member for the nonprofit AROHO (A Room of Her Own).

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